Looking blankly at the neat and tidy folder your accountant gives you at the end of the financial year is not good!

Firstly, there’s a great deal of very useful information in that folder – you just need to know how to find the bits that are meaningful to you.

But, even more importantly, you should have been involved with the numbers that make up this end-of-year document every day or week or month.

Modern accounting can give you the real-time information you can use to improve your business on a day-to-day basis.

Once the right system is in place you should be able to spend a minimal amount of time processing your financial information into your system. Then you can extract daily, weekly, monthly reports to check how things really are against how you expect them to be progressing.

This regular involvement lets you see the bigger picture and allows you to change and improve things along the way. It puts you in the frame of mind of ‘working on your business, not working in it.’ This gives you confidence and that sweet feeling of control.

You need to know the things that are important to your business: How are my sales this week? How many quotes were accepted? Hmmm, are my prices a bit high or a bit low? Costs? Whoa, what’s going on with this one? I’ll get on to that straight away! How are those scarily clever ‘key performance indicators’ looking today?

Understanding your numbers can give you all of this control – and more. But it’s vital to make sure you know which are the relevant numbers for your business and that they are quick and easy to access and compare.

With this sort of involvement in your numbers throughout the year, those end-of-year accounts are likely to look much more robust. Better still, because you’ve been hands-on each day, week, month, you’ll avoid any nasty surprises and you’ll understand what they mean with new clarity.

Our other Guiding Principles

2nd Guiding Principle
Vision Accounting guiding principles

Build financial freedom

So, what does financial freedom mean for you? Have you ever considered the possibility? It’s an exciting thought and one that could happen – if you can get all of your ducks in a row!

3rd Guiding Principle
Vision Accounting guiding principles

Protect your assets

Wherever you are in your life, you have a certain amount of assets. It could be just the shirt you’re wearing or a multi-million-dollar business. Either way, you’re not going to be keen to lose it.

4th Guiding Principle
Vision Accounting guiding principles

Manage your financials without stress

Stress is a funny thing. Successful people say they enjoy it – just so long as it can be worked through to a grin-on-the-face conclusion.

5th Guiding Principle
Vision Accounting guiding principles

Make informed decisions when you need to

Confidence – this is a huge part of business life! Confidence gives you the ability to take that next step forward: hire that member of staff; get that job sorted; buy the truck (or fleet of trucks) to satisfy that contract.

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Clear advice and instructions

It was great meeting with you this morning! Your clear advice and instructions are very much appreciated and you have demonstrated yet again just why we love to have you as our accountant.

Elmarie Faurie


Excellent advice and service

We have been clients of Virginia and her team since the start of Vision Accounting (and before). They are approachable, friendly and professional and respond promptly to questions. Always excellent advice and service at a very reasonable price. Very highly recommended.

Mike & Pat Kramer

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