We know you want a fully competent chartered accounting firm to ensure the required compliance matters are professionally handled. That’s a given.

But you want more. We pride ourselves on living and breathing by our 5 Guiding Principles which help ensure we see things from your point of view.

Our Principles are why we are different

1st Guiding Principle

Understand your numbers

Looking blankly at the neat and tidy folder your accountant gives you at the end of the financial year is not good! Firstly, there’s a great deal of very […]

2nd Guiding Principle

Build financial freedom

The first duck to get in place is: It’s not all about you! You may have a spouse and/or family members. What does the concept of building financial […]

3rd Guiding Principle

Protect your assets

Yet there are many ways you could lose those things of value to you. In fact, when you decide to be in business you are deciding to take […]

4th Guiding Principle

Manage your financials without stress

But why spend time stressing about your financials when that energy could be better used to create new business […]

Vision Accounting guiding principles

5th Guiding Principle

Make informed decisions when you need to

Where does your decision-making confidence come from? Is it a gut feel: “Things seem to be going well; […]

This helps us to help you to build the best business you can. To feel in control, to enjoy being in business.

Many things go into the mix, both large and small. We understand that there might be various contact points in your business. So we ask your bookkeeper bookkeeping questions. We ask you, the owner, ownership-type questions.

We take care of polite things like returning your calls in good time or making sure you don’t receive any surprise bills from us.

We’re proactive: we keep up with accounting and business growth trends and send those to you through a medium that you choose. If something relates directly to your business we let you know.

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And, most of all, when the time is right, we invite you to step aside from the day-to-day and talk with you about your goals and aspirations, the new possibilities to do things more efficiently, review your figures, make sure you really understand what you’re looking at. We help put in place things that will improve your cash flow or profit – and a collection of other accounting checks and measures… all of which we tailor to your needs.

We aim to give you that sweet feeling of control in your business.

Our experience shows us that people who truly understand their numbers feel more relaxed, more empowered and better able to plan the future growth of their business.

What our clients are saying

Clear advice and instructions

It was great meeting with you this morning! Your clear advice and instructions are very much appreciated and you have demonstrated yet again just why we love to have you as our accountant.

Elmarie Faurie


Excellent advice and service

We have been clients of Virginia and her team since the start of Vision Accounting (and before). They are approachable, friendly and professional and respond promptly to questions. Always excellent advice and service at a very reasonable price. Very highly recommended.

Mike & Pat Kramer

Personal account

Who we work with

We work with a wide range of businesses, individuals, charities and organisations in New Zealand.

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